Find your tomorrow

Development Consulting

Do you want to grow and develop your organisation? Tell William provides you with strategic advice. We also develop learning experiences and customized courses for individuals as well as teams. Courses that are aimed at finding solutions for social issues in a short period of time, and that have an impact on society.

Cutting-edge Boot Camp

Tell William is developing several boot camps with a focus on a diverse range of elements of the startup methodology. The boot camps we offer (varying from a few hours to several days) always deal with a specific topic. Your organisation has a chance to dive in deeper and learn all the startup ins and outs!

Kickstart Learning Program

These programs help you to kickstart the organisation’s issues and ideas. During these programs the possibilities, problems and main elements are quickly identified. Our main focus is all about taking action. We help an organisation navigate away from a problem towards an innovative solution in the smallest amount of time possible.

These programs are suitable for anything that leads to a product or service with a clear end-user.